Oam Akay mixes Coma Radio #005

German DJ and Producer Oam Akay mixes Coma Radio #005 featuring tunes from Markus Suckut, Luis Ruiz, Noetik and Gabriel D’Or. Akay became obsessed with techno in the mid 1990s, preferring acid at that time. From then he started DJing while also producing his own material.

Coma Radio #005 trackslist

Damián Abalos - ‘Incineration’ (Original Mix) Markus Suckut - ‘Second Movement’ (Original Mix) Anna Feodora - ‘Orbit’ (Original Mix) Gabriel D’Or - ‘Bax’ (Original Mix) Irregular Synth - ‘Conspiracy Of Silence’ Luis Ruiz (Official) - ‘Nungal’ (Original Mix) PROCEED - ‘Bouncing & Drumming’ (Original Mix) Massed - ‘Ditching’ (Hemka Remix) Noetik - ‘Tear Down’ (Original Mix) Indcrs - ‘POV’ (Original Mix) DJ Andres Gil - ‘Rave Morph’ (Original Mix)

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