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Nuits Sonores 2020 put back further

Nuits Sonores 2020 could be postponed further this year, or even pushed back to 2021. Organisers of the Lyon festival have revealed it will not be hosting the event on the previously-announced May dates.

This comes as President Macron declared on Monday, April 13th that “the holding of major festivals and events with large audiences will not be permitted until at least mid-July”. The Arty Farty team behind Nuits Sonores has decided not to go ahead with its plans to stage the 2020 edition of Nuits sonores at the end of July.

It said: “The period that had been chosen for the rescheduled 18th edition of the festival – 22 to 26 July – is indeed later than the cut-off date of “mid-July”. However, the Arty Farty team is aware of the untenable nature of this deadline. Our compliance with health-based restrictions and the health of festival goers and staff remain our number one priorities.

“At this stage, we need to hold new consultations with our partners, the local and national authorities, the festival teams and representatives from every level of the event production chain, in order to consider all possible scenarios: these include a further postponement of the 18th edition until later in 2020 or until May 2021.

“In a month’s time, on 19 May, we will inform the press and festival audiences of our decisions. At this point, we will also send out information on refund terms, for any festival-goers wishing to return their tickets or passes, as well as any conditions concerning the postponement of tickets, if applicable.”

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