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Monticule 2020 completes line-up

Efdemin, Cashu, Benedikt Frey, Dreems, Lauren Hansom, DJ Dustin, Vlada & Init are among the final acts added to Monticule 2020. The festival returns to Domaine de Gayfié in St. Jean de Laur from Wednesday, June 17th to Sunday, June 21st with showcases from Ilian Tape and Macadam Mambo plus a fifth anniverary celebration for Malka Tuti.

The Malka Tuti showcase has expanded to 24 hours, with I’m A Cliché label boss Cosmo Vitelli and Hugo Capablanca joining Khidja, Asaf Samuel & Katzele, Shari Vari live, Full Circle, Fantastic Twins live and Optimo (Espacio).

Zozo, Eva Geist and Sacha Mambo will play in the prestigious name of Macadam Mambo while Andrea, Zenker Brothers and Surgeon represent the Ilian Tape sound. The LackRec crew will be represented thanks to slots Fadi Mohem, Marie Montexier and Victor.

Further features can be found away from the dancefloor and within Monticule’s quieter corners, such as the swimming hole and waterfall. Painting workshops, astronomy classes and yoga lessons will be available but thrill seekers might prefer to try the skateboard mini rap.

For tickets and details go to monticulefestival.com.

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