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Modern Panic returns to London for an eighth edition

Explore the your subconscious and the psyche of modern society at Modern Panic VIII’s collection of work by surreal, controversial and provocative international artists in London. Curated by James Elphick, founder of Guerrilla Zoo, the show will run from Friday, October 13th to Sunday, October 22nd at Apiary Studios on Hackney Road.

Work by more 50 acclaimed international artists and live art practitioners will feature such as Die Antwoord’s visual collaborator Roger Ballen, political artist Sam Hamilton (aka Toonpunk), controversial sculpturist Ellie Pennick, dark arts fine photographer Ben Hopper, painter Mehreen Hashmi’s, surrealist illustrator Iain Macarthur, gothic horror illustrator Natalie Shau, Ronald Gonzalez and Emily Robinson.

During the October run, there will be two showcases of riotous acts by some live art practitioners. Panic Sermon One on Saturday, October 14th will see Philip Bedwell’s vulnerable and visceral depiction of assault, a morphing twisted vision of perfection from Penelope Harrall, Venus Raven and Lucius Vesperades building a bridge between the worlds of the living and the dead, Campbell McConnell’s delicious ritual of blessing and eerie improvised musical creations are offered by Bamboo Mustard.

Panic Sermon Two on Saturday, October 21st will see shibari practitioner Skinny-Red Art present a dynamic exploration of sexual abuse, Syban open the passage to Somewhere Else through a ritual of controlled pain, Jasmine Dhingra become a personality scrutinised through layers and cracks with a violent liberation and an alt-drag cabaret challenge to social norms is offered by Melanie Menard.

Modern Panic VIII will be open from Friday, October 13th to Sunday, October 22nd, 11am - 7pm daily. For details go to guerrillazoo.com.

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