Lucretio mixes Coma Radio #012

The final Coma radio show of 2017 comes from co-founder of The Analogue Cops, Lucretio. He’s also a vinyl defender, audio engineer, founder of Machines State Polymers while further involvements include RESTORATION REC., Appointment, Parassela and Muscle Records.

Listen to the radio show on SoundCloud below. For more information about Coma, follow them on Facebook.

Lucretio Coma Radio #012 Tracklist

Roc Hard - ‘I Need Somebody’
DoublePlusGood - ‘Conga Tè’ (Mood 2 Swing 12” mix)
Cassioware - ‘Keep Movin’
Robert Hood // Floorplan - ‘Chord Principle’
Mr. G - ‘Dutty’
X-Ray - ‘Let’s Go’
Luca Lozano - ‘Gun Fingers’
Lucretio - ‘Trade Union’
Lucretio - ‘Any Idea’
Mr. De - ‘2010, A Space Odyssey’
Marieu - ‘Hit the Power’

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