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Laurie Anderson, Ana Matronic, Nemone top WITCiH Digital Festival 2021

The Women in Technology Creative Industries Hub (WITCiH) will host its second festival in June featuring Laurie Anderson, Ana Matronic and Nemone. The online event will run from Wednesday, June 9th to Friday, June 11th with performances, panels and presentations celebrating stories of intergenerational and intercultural women and non-binary creative practitioners in technology.

The evenings will bring together vibrant voices such as Emmy-nominated composer Hannah Peel, multi-disciplinary artist and founder of the LCV choir Anil Sebastian, DJ and producer Samantha Togni, hybrid transdisciplinary artist Portrait XO, queer club scene DJ and label boss Hannah Holland, Worldwide.fm host, producer and lecturer Kayla Painter, and composer, producer and WITCiH founder BISHI.

Expect diverse perspectives and wisdom on topics such as ‘The Future Is Fluid - Gender & Emerging Technologies with Ana Matronic’, ‘Nemone in-conversation: Wellbeing In Electronic Music’ and ‘Laurie Anderson in-conversation: Sharing Creative Journeys Through Music & Tech’.

Each night will commence with digital premieres of five new artist commissions, from artists: electronic musician Halina Rice; multidisciplinary artist and ambassador for Mi.Mu gloves lula.xyz; Japanese born composer Hinako Omori; British Sri Lankan producer and finger drummer Gnarly and BISHI in collaboration with mixed reality company, Volta.

BISHI said: “With lockdown restrictions now lifting, I think that people need a space to be able to communicate their ideas. It’s been a long 14 months. We need to reflect on how we’ve coped and where we’re going next. Laurie Anderson has commented that she’s connected with more people during lockdown than she would have on a world tour. Nemone is keen to not only reflect on the challenges over this time but explore some of the amazing creative pathways that people have discovered during the pandemic.”

BISHI added: “If you’re a woman of colour over the age of 30, systemically you’re screwed! I am in the fortunate position to have many opportunities and coming from an inclusive, counter-cultural background, I want to use my early experience in LGBTQ spaces to elevate other artists.”

“As well as recognising a significant need to develop and platform creators of colour, WITCiH believes there is also a noticeable deficit in support for artists making a career start later in life, as ageism is rife within the music industry. Alongside ground-breaking musical outputs, each music creator has forged success through unorthodox paths, for instance via partnerships with world-renowned tech companies and digital platforms.”

For tickets and details go to witcih.com.

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