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Label COD3 QR to launch with unknown contributors

Cryptic new label COD3 QR launches with its first release on Friday, December 7th. Armed with a mantra of ‘music to arouse curiosity’, the debut EP features three tracks from artists from different musical backgrounds - but identified only via their encrypted aliases.

COD3 QR (Code QR) aim to put the music first while the who, what and where will be revealed over time on the label’s website. The people behind the label remain in the shadows to keep the emphasis on the music.

Listen to a preview of COD3 QR 001 at SoundCloud

COD3 QR will search for artists, rather than the other way around, so it won’t be possible to send the founders music. To ensure anonymity, all artists will sign a contract agreeing to keep silent or be economical with the truth about the identity of those behind the label and the artists.

As most digital and vinyl sales occur over an average period of two months, only once this time period has elapsed will the true identity of each artist be revealed, and only if they wish.

COD3 QR 002 will be released early next year. Listen to a preview below. For more information about COD3 QR go to cod3qr.com.

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