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Home Video hypnotic electro rock

In Brooklyn, New York, amidst waves of richly textured melodies and driving beats rises a haunting voice
intoning messages of modern hope and despair that will invade your memories. This is the sound of Home Video: high-school friends Collin Ruffino and David Gross from New Orleans who have been collaborating since their first short video in 1997. After originally recording for electro powerhouse Warp Records, the band are self-releasing their second album, The Automatic Process, available to download on February 25 with a physical to be released on March 25.

Inspired early on by music from the likes of Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, Depeche Mode, and Phillip Glass, Home Video intertwine the classically-trained sensibilities of Gross with the confessional and at times existential lyrics of Ruffino. With The Automatic Process, the band layers
samples, synthesizers, piano, guitar, and live drums to build an electro-tinted minimalist rock that drives steadily towards the sublime: a spacious soundtrack evocative of a fractured dream.

Home Video intertwine the classically-trained sensibilities of Gross with the confessional and at times existential lyrics of Ruffino.

Warp Records released Home Video’s first two EPs in 2004: That You Might, a 10” single that immediately picked up considerable attention in Britain from BBC Radio 1 and the NME, and Citizen EP, a five-song release that earned the band a feature in Rolling Stone. In 2006, US-based Defend Music released the band’s debut album, No Certain Night or Morning. With infectious tracks like “Sleep Sweet” and “Gas Tank”, it’s no surprise that Grammy-nominated DJ Sasha picked two songs from the album to remix for his most recent release, Involver 2, which also included songs from Thom Yorke, Apparat and M83. Home Video themselves have recently taken to the role of remixer, reworking songs for bands like Bear in Heaven, Wave Machines, Faunts, Bang Gang, and friends Naked Hearts.

Home Video produce all their music themselves, and adapt their studio creations into full-on live performances featuring a drummer and hypnotic visual projections. During Home Video’s first European tour they had the opportunity to play in London with Blonde Redhead, who later invited the
band to support them for three weeks of shows in North America. Since then, Home Video have opened for such diverse acts as Justice, Yeasayer, Flying Lotus, Pinback, DJ Krush, Colder, and Radio 4. Taking advantage of Ruffino’s film education, the band has also made several of their own music videos. The band’s video for “I Can Make You Feel It” premiered on MTV2’s Subterranean, and
had over 200,000 views after being featured for a week on the front page of YouTube.com.

The Automatic Process will be released on February 25th for download. The physical release will follow on March 25th.

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