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Free-lectronica featuring Bit-Phalanx

Free-lectronica’s last show of the year tomorrow (Wednesday, December 7th) at Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East in London is a link up with Bit-Phalanx. There will be live sets from Gareth Clarke and T-toe as well as DJ sets from Ursa and Bit-P DJs – all for free.

Gareth Clarke is a musician from Manchester whose musical output has been described as mixing IDM, electronica, breakcore and ambient. His innovative electronic compositions attracted the attention of Aaron Funk which lead to his first record Gareth Clarke LP being released on the late Sublight Records in 2007. Since then he’s released several tracks through The Centrifuge’s netlabel, starting off with “Pax Assyriaca” on the CF012 Supernatant compilation, and a contribution to one of the many remixes of Coppe’s “Yogurt” on Bit-Phalanx’s debut physical release.

T-toe has been exposed to a lot of sounds over the years, along with a lot of people, a lot of geographical instability and a lot of ideas. Unable to commit himself to any one particular sound, culture, location or idea he instead whacks all of his influences into one creative melting pot, irrespectective of expectation, fashion or trend. T-toe takes a snooty classical and performance art background and mixes with an electro-ragga-break-hop-junglist street leaning to create a not-quite-dance floor, not-quite-living room selection of songs and ditties. His live set combines live vocals and trombone with all the above.

In addition, Bit-P DJs will be playing an hour of their favourite tunes, plus Ursa will be doing his usual warm up to ease you in from 7pm.

Free-lectronica featuring Bit-Phalanx
Gareth Clarke, T-Toe, Ursa, Bit-P DJs
93 Feet East
Brick Lane
Doors 5pm, Music 7pm-11pm
Free entry all night

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