First names for Sónar+D 2019

TeamLab, CANADA, teenage engineering, Barbican Centre, Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst, Daito Manabe and Nomada Studio are among the first names for Sónar+D 2019. The professional side of the main Sónar festival in Barcelona will explore how creative minds are changing our present and imagining new futures from Wednesday, July 17th to Saturday, July 20th.

Themes for the year will be artificial intelligence, experience design and music technology. In A.I., Daito Manabe will collaborate with the neuroscientist Yukiyasu Kamitani to present “dissonant imaginary” - a conversation between the two that will unite music, image, and neural networks: those of the brain and algorithmic ones.

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst bring voice assistant technology further to create Spawn, their ‘A.I. baby’ an artificial intelligence entity for sound generation and vocal processing.

In the experience design theme, teamLab - a group of “ultra-technologists” - will be interviewed by Singapore’s ArtScience Museum director Honor Harger, CANADA will show case studies of their most famous music videos, Nomada Studio will present their game GRIS, experimental storytellers Hamill Industries will explain the ins and outs of their work and Barbican Centre musical curator Chris Sharp will be involved.

In sound technologies, teenage engineering co-founder David Möllerstedt will be interviewed andthe head of teenage engineering’s education department will offer a workshop. Meanwhile, Jessica Brillhart returns to Sónar+D with her personal project, the Vrai Pictures.

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