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Fanon Flowers mixes Coma Radio #011

Fanon Flowers provides the guest mix for Coma Radio’s 11th edition. Fanon was raised on Detroit techno and Chicago house music via cassette tapes recorded off the radio from The Wizard, aka Jeff Mills, in Detroit and DJ Farley Jackmaster Funk in Chicago.

He was soon producing music thanks to purchase of a Roland SH-101, TB-303, TR-505 and TR-606, as well as mixing. Fanon’s style is a combination of funky, dark, industrial rhythms of Detroit techno with the soul of acid house music.

Coma Radio #11 Tracklist

Jeff Mills - ‘Expanded A2’
Rebel Alliance aka Blake Baxter - ‘B-1’
Kessell - ‘Psychosocial’
Pacou - ‘9616’
Desroi - ‘Apathy’
Domenico Crisci - ‘Return’
SP-X - ‘Textures Of Thought’
Ausgang - ‘SDX4N’
Regis - ‘Cold Water’
Leiras - ‘Levia Ten’
Tensalofficial - ‘Forma 2’
Iesope Drift - ‘Tuljähn A1’
Sonic Tourism - ‘View’
Sleeparchive - ‘Letter Of Resignation’
steve bicknell - ‘The Moment When I Stopped’

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