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Elrow returns to Amnesia for 2018 season

Elrow will take residence at Amnesia on Saturdays for a second summer in Ibiza. Starting Saturday, May 26th, Elrow will bring its costumes, props, performances, circus performers, animation experts and showers of inflatables and confetti to the venue every week.

Expect to see Amnesia transformed with themes such as ‘From Lost to the River’, ‘Sambodromo do Brasil’, ‘Bollywood’, ‘Singermorning’, ‘Feria de Abril’, ‘Psychedelic Trip’ and ‘Rowlympic Games’ featuring an all-star selection of guests.

Elrow patriarch Juan Arnau Sr said: “I first met Amnesia when it was just a small field pen in the 70’s, then I returned as a client and lived the madness of the 80’s and 90’s… During the summer season of 2017 the Arnau family from Huesca returned to the best club on the island to make fan’s dream come true with the magic of Elrow. In 2018 what we will do will be pure ‘Mirage’ …Come and see!”

For tickets and details go to amnesia.es.

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