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Electronic Sound Summit 2020 takes shape

Detroit Swindle, Crazy P, Ableton Live, Elliot Adamson and Denney will take part in this year’s Electronic Sound Summit (ESS). The North-West’s celebration of the electronic music industry will be held across Liverpool from Friday, February 28th to Sunday, March 1st.

Founded in 2018 by the Liverpool Audio Network (LAN), ESS will feature a range of sessions in venues in the city centre with a focus of education, inspiration and connectivity at the heart of what we do. Attendees can expect to learn how to improve their craft of music production, gain traction and progress in the music business and make more money from their musical endeavours.

Detroit Swindle will host a conversation entitled ‘Ask Us Anything’, while Rory Palmer-Rowe, a Creative Strategist at Ph. Creative, will appear on a panel entitled ‘Social Media: Friend or Foe?’

Music Production Software Company Izotope will host masterclass “iZotope’s Assistive Audio Technology: What is it, how does it work, and what can it really do for you?” and Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst at Transform Drug Policy London, talks on a panel entitled ‘Drug Testing for Dance Music’.

Other topics include ‘Confessions of a ghost producer’, ‘Approaching record labels’, a masterclass in sound design and a panel ‘Going full time in music.

There will also be workshops and masterclasses by certified trainers and world renowned artists, Ableton demos, music production masterclasses from Crazy P, Alex Banks and Elliot Adamson, plus insight on topics such as artist management, utilising PR, Data Transmission In Conversation: Mentorship in Music and The Art of a Warm Up DJ.

For tickets and details go to electronicsoundsummit.co.uk.

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