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DockYard Festival 2019 supporting emerging talent with _unpaved_

The Netherland’s DockYard Festival is giving a platform to the next generation of talent and offering a set on their own stage at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). This year’s even on Saturday, October 19th will see sets from acts such as Dubfire, Len Faki, Recondite, Dax J, Ellen Allien, Monika Kruse, Ben Sims, DJ Bone, Surgeon, Radio Slave, Lady Starlight, Alienata and Matrixxmann.

However, away from the headliners, talent platform '_unpaved_' will see some acts who have played a series of special live streams since May play at DockYard itself. The organisers said: "We feel that it is important to give young talents and hopefuls a 'push,' as we all understand how difficult it is for newcomers without substantial financial backing or contacts to get a foothold in this business. It's also very important for the industry to be open to fresh, new talent and not just to stay focused on the established names that we already so often see at events." *For tickets and details go to [dockyardfestival.com/dockyard-2019](https://dockyardfestival.com/dockyard-2019/).*

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