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DJ EZ to play 24-hour set to encourage people to stay at home

DJ EZ wil get behind the decks for 24 hours from Saturday, March 28th at 6PM GMT to encourage everyone to stay at home. His second marathon live stream hosted by Boiler Room is in conjunction with My Kind Deed - a good news feed set up to spread kindness, encourage a new way of thinking and promote the things in life that really make a difference.

DJ EZ will play behind closed doors and wants to encourage people to stay home and save lives. He’s not asking anyone to donate, instead the aim is for everyone to enjoy the music and to send out a message of resilience, kindness and togetherness with the focus keeping people at home and supporting the NHS.

He said: “This is a challenging time for us all with so much uncertainty right now so this is my support to bring hope to a bleak time and to hopefully shine the light on how kindness matters above all else.”

Paul Marini [DJ EZ’s Manager], said: “We are living through such uncertain and unusual times with Covid-19 having such a devastating impact right across the world along with our industry, we all need to remind ourselves to be kind and promote kindness as much as possible - which is something myself and DJ EZ are very passionate about. I hope we all come together and can see what impact even the simplest acts of kindness have.”

For details go to djez.com.

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