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DJ Bone presents Homeless Homies at ADE 2019

DJ Bone will host a Homeless Homies party during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). On Friday, October 18th, he’ll be joined at Shelter by Ben Sims, Deetron, Dubfire, Funster, Jordan GCZ, KiNK, Peggy Gou, Sandrien and Spencer Parker for a night supporting homeless people.

The Homeless Homies initiative harks back to when DJ Bone was a resident at downtown Detrior clubs and decided to become involved with helping the homeless people in his area. “One day, instead of just giving them some spare change I started asking every single person what they actually needed”, he said.

DJ Bone has bought meals, supplied toiletries and raised funds that helped a man with a disability purchase a prosthetic arm. In 2002, he met Ahnne (now his wife), who shared his passion for helping those in need.

Ahnne, the visionary behind Homeless Homies, proposed forming the foundation with all proceeds from DJ Bone’s record label Subject Detroit feeding it. This year, an in-store charity drive during Movement weekend at Well Done Goods in Detroit was supported by Derrick May, Funster, Josh Wink and Seth Troxler.

Last June, Ahnne approached Kolja Verhage with the idea of hosting a Homeless Homies event during ADE. She said: “Bone likes to remain very underground; we’re not rich, but we are comfortable. We have more than enough for ourselves, so we’ve decided to consciously dedicate time and effort to be of service to those without in kind. Compassion is why we are put on this earth.

“We have a five-year plan, by then, we hope to have our Homeless Homies buildings in Detroit and Amsterdam where we live. Homeless Homies is just not going to be a homeless shelter, but we aim to offer free medical, dental, mental, work training, re-integration and re-entry to society as able individuals. We want to lift people back up to help get them back on their feet.”

Homeless Homies at ADE will run from 10am to 8pm on Friday, October 18th at Shelter. For tickets and details go here.

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