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Dimitri Pike mixes Coma Radio #009

Belgian Dimitri Pike has mixed the ninth installment of the Coma Radio series. Pike sits between straddles Chicago house and Detroit techno Soul, playing regularly in Europe and the USA. He’s behind the radio show The Tuesday Session which supports the French techno scene and has released on labels such as Mirage Records, Subject Detroit and Wildub.

Listen to the radio show on SoundCloud below. For more information about Coma, follow them on Facebook.

Dimitri Pike Coma Radio #009 Tracklist

Dimitri Pike - ‘Reduced Existence’ (Wildtek)
Industrialyzer - ‘Analog Planet’ (Synewave)
A.Brehme - ‘Intiyat’ (Form And Function)
Dimitri Pike - ‘Neurodegeneration’ (Wildtek)
Moteka - ‘Forvraengnung’ Arnaud Le Texier Remix (A-Traction)
Mod3rn - ‘Le Tunnel De l’A7’ (Skryptom)
Developer - ‘Spiral Form’ (Modularz)
Stanislav Tolkachev - ‘Remine A’ (Subsist)
Dykkon - ‘Decadencia’ Tool (Credo)
Mistaken Identity - ‘Untitled’ (Synewave)
Stanislav Tolkachev - ‘Hexapoda’ (Fullpanda)
Mod3rn - ‘Mist’ (Skryptom)
Damon Wild - ‘Time Machine’ (Synewave)
Industrialyzer - ‘Orbit X’ (Synewave)
Dustmite - ‘Advanced Persistent Threat’ Hyper Edit (Supervoid)
Myk Derill - ‘Pversogn’ (Credo)
Dimitri Pike - ‘Cycle 03’ (Wildtek)
Dirty basscore - ‘One Two One’ (Credo)
Stanislav Tolkachev - ‘I Can’t Wait Any Longer’ (Plector)
Swartz - ‘Dissociation Of Body And Mind’ (PG)
Beat Movement - ‘90 Degrees’ (DLBM)
Stanislav Tolkachev - ‘Why Are You So Frightened’ End (Unknown)

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