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Dimension Festival 2018 reveals boat parties

Peggy Gou, Mark Flash, Helena Hauff, Josey Rebelle, Dj Stingray and Avalon Emerson are among the acts boarding the boat parties at Dimensions Festival 2018. The Adriatic will be soundtracked by 20 partners to the Croatian festival from Thursday, August 30th to Sunday, September 2nd with Stamp the Wax, Pickle Factory, Eglo Records, Hessle Audio and Phonica among those curating boats.

The first raves-on-waves on Thursday, August 30th will see Leeds’ Tribe Records host with Saoirse, Courtesy, Alex T and Mike BC providning the soundtrack from 12.30pm. The 4.15pm boats will see Stamp the Wax set sail with Marcellus Pittman, Oyvind Morken, Rosie Ama and Aaron L while Journey of Sound’s voyage will feature WLC b2b Felix Claus Thang b2b Lebawski. The 8pm sunset boats will come from Dimensions Soundsystem with Avalon Emerson and Josey Rebelle; the other option is Helena Hauff and Kancheli aboard the Bassiani boat.

Friday’s early boat with Pickle Factory will see Mark Flash of Underground Resistance and Detroit in Effect spin the sounds alongside Hamish Cole and Toby Nicolas. In the afternoon it’ll be the turn of Abandon Silence with Andrew Hill, Peggy Gou and Heels and Souls plus Flux and Patterns joinoing forces with rRoxymore, Jon K, Charles Green, Wallauer and Reuben. Sunset brings with it Dure Vie with Skee Mask, Mezigue and Maxye.

The Saturday options extend to two early boat parties as J.A.W. Family welcome Red Greg and Cosmic Slop while Fuse and We Bring You team up with San Soda and Red D. Just the one afternoon boat comes from Eglo Records (Alexander Nut, Fatima, Steve Spacek and Shy One), at sunset pick from Movemagazine (Children of Zeus, Darkhouse Family and Rah) or Total Refreshment Centre (Hugo Mendez, Born Cheating, Lexus Blondin).

There will be six boat parties to choose from on the Sunday. At 12.30pm there’s Hessle Audio’s trip with Ben UFO, Pangaea, Pearson Sound and Batu or 15 Years of Phonica with Palms Trax, Nick Williams and Danielle. In the afternoon Make me have enlisted DJ Stingray and Anastasia Kristensen while Exit Records hit the seas with dBridge, Skeptical, Fixate, SP:MC & MC GQ. The final boats come from Electrix with Billy Nasty, LMA (DJ) plus a special guest TBA, and Butter Side Up who will see Craig Richards and Butter Side Up DJs get behind the decks.

Boat party tickets are only available with a full Dimensions Festival ticket. Limited passes for each boat are available from just €24, on sale at 8pm on Thursday, May 17th.

Dimension Festival 2018 Boat Parties

Thursday, August 30th

12.30 – 15.30 : Tribe Records : Saoirse, Alex T, Mike BC, Courtesy
16.15 – 19.15 : Stamp The Wax : Marcellus Pittman, Oyvind Morken, Aaron L & Rosie Ama
16.15 – 19.15 : Journey of Sound : - WLC b2b Felix Claus Thang b2b Lebawski
20.00 – 23.00 : Dimensions Soundsystem : Avalon Emerson, Josey Rebelle, Dimensions Soundsystem
20.00 – 23.00 : Bassiani : Helena Hauff, Kancheli

Friday, August 31st

12:30 - 15:30 : Pickle Factory : Mark Flash (Underground Resistance), Detroit In Effect, Hamish & Toby
16:15 - 19:15 : Abandon Silence : Peggy Gou, Andrew Hill, Heels and Souls
16:15 - 19:15 : Flux & Patterns : rRoxymore, Jon K, Charles Green, Wallauer & Reuben
20:00 - 23:00 : Dure Vie : Skee Mask, Mezique, Maxye

Saturday, September 1st

12:30 - 15:30 : J.A.W. Family : Red Greg, Cosmic Slop, J.A.W. Family
12:30 - 15:30 : Fuse x WBY : San Soda & Red D
16:15 - 19:15 : Eglo Records : Alex Nut, Fatima, Steve Spacek, Shy One
20:00 - 23:00 : The Move : Children of Zeus, Darkhouse Family, Rah (Darker Than Wax)
20:00 - 23:00 : Total Refreshment Centre : Hugo Mendez (Sofrito), Born Cheating (Tiffs Joints), Lexus Blondin (TRC)

Sunday, September 2nd

12:30-15:30 : Hessle Audio : Ben UFO, Pangaea, Pearson Sound & Batu
12:30-15:30 : 15 Years of Phonica : Palms Trax, Nick Williams, Danielle
16:15-19:15 : Make Me : DJ Stingray, Anastasia Kristensen, Make Me
16:15-19:15 : Exit Records: dBridge, Skeptical, Fixate, SP:MC & MC GQ
20:00-23:00 : Electrix : Billy Nasty, LMA (DJ), special guest TBA
20:00-23:00 : Butter Side Up : Craig Richards and Butter Side Up DJs

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