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Dave Clarke teases new album with 1st single

‘Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)’ is the first single from Dave Clarke’s third album The Desecration of Desire. His first album in 14 years, the LP will contain very little techno, unlike previous releases Archive One (1995) and Devil’s Advocate (2003). Instead it comes coloured with the perspectives of who Clarke describes as “some delightful, intelligent and deep people who inspired me in their own way” such as LOUISAHHH, Mark Lanegan, Mt. Sims, Anika, Gazelle Twin and Keith Tenniswood.

Single ‘Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)’ features Mark Lanegan on vocals on an brooding electro number. The 10 tracks on the album are intended to be enjoyed like a book. Clarke adds in the sleeve notes: “I decided to write it as I would a book, so the track order you have was also the order in which they were also written, like chapters.”

The album distills Clarke’s love of punk, new wave, noise and industrial into an album, released Friday, October 27th. ‘Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)’ is out now.

Listen to ‘Charcoal Eyes (Glass Tears)’ on YouTube below. For orders and information head to daveclarke.com.

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