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Costa Del Tottenham reveals autumn events

Gerd Janson, Surgeon, S.P.Y., Steve Lawler, SHERELLE, Dillinja and DMX Krew will play Costa Del Tottenham this autumn. The London space created by The Cause shifts its focus indoors with The Theatre space becoming the epicentre of the socially-distanced party supported by a heated conservatory-style structure on the terrace.

The new space features a terrazzo DJ booth built by The Cause co-founder Eugene Wild, in the middle plus oil projections on the Theatres walls. Costa Del Tottenham’s Northside Beer Hall, will also be adapted for the change of weather for additional events.

Eugene Wild said: “Despite everything, we are powering through, crossing our fingers every day that some light will appear at the end of the tunnel. We feel very, very lucky to be one of London’s only venues to have the space to do this and as such we aim to keep our doors open seven days a week wherever possible to provide London with a truly underground, community space.”

The first events include Steve Lawler and Darius Syrossian playing back-to-back on Sunday, October 11th then Gerd Janson plays Friday, October 16th and Saturday, October 17th alongside Running Hot and Kiwi.

Halloween kicks off on Thursday, October 29th with drum & bass label Engage Audio who run weekly Thursdays. DMX Krew, Alien Communications and Unai Trotti play Friday October 30th, then on Saturday (Oct 31st) afternoon there will be a sold out show from DnB Big BBQ brunch with Randall, Nicky Blackmarket, Uncle Dugs and MC Skibadee.

Saturday night brings Ivan Smagghe and Bodyhammer’s Scott Fraser back-to-back supported by Tia Cousins and the weekend closes on Sunday, November 1st when Jerome Hill’s DON’T hosts The Breakfast Club from 8am then Raindance & Kapow bring Slipmatt and Steve Proctor in for old school vibes later.

Catch Surgeon at Costa Del Tottenham on Sunday, December 6th with Randall, Forest Drive West, Colin Dale and Djinn. Hosts Alchemy will also be curating two other Sundays that merge techno, drum & bass, dub and reggae: 8th November will feature S.P.Y., Dillinja, DJ Storm, Randall, Dub Phizix, Chimo, Bailey and Fierce, while 13th December brings SHERELLE, Grooverider, Digital, DJ Flight, Cleveland Watkiss and Inja.

Drum & Bass Allstars, Jungle Splash and Rebel Clash also takeover various Sundays and Mondays.

For tickets and details go to costadeltottenham.co.uk.

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