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Convergence to host first John Cale retrospective at Barbican

Convergence will bring John Cale to the Barbican as part of its 2018 edition. The annual March series has attracted more than 100,000 attendees across London since its inception through concerts, exhibitions and talks. John Cale’s first-ever career retrospective will run for two nights on Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th.

Convergence celebrates the latest technological developments of digital culture, elucidating issues, developments and innovation across art and society. The John Cale retrospective will follow on from a series of original albums for Domino Records and re-imagining of the Velvet Underground’s 50th Anniversary in two concerts in Paris and Liverpool, as well as his performance of Barbican co-commissioned audio-visual collaboration LOOP»60Hz: Transmissions From The Drone Orchestra with Liam Young.

Audiences can expect to hear selections from the Velvet Underground and Cale’s landmark solo albums recorded in his years with Island Records will feature prominently. The performances will also include material from the classic 1992 live solo album Fragments of a Rainy Season.

Convergence Artistic Director, Glenn Max, said: “Defying categorisation, deploying the techniques of classical music alongside strategies of experimental music, John Cale as producer, songwriter and arranger is emblematic of the inventiveness Convergence seeks to celebrate in its annual series. It is a tremendous honour to have him agree to a collaborative concert that will represent his greatest and most experimental works.

“From The Dream Syndicate, Music of the Eternal Living and The Velvet Underground through his varied output on Island Records and Domino, Cale’s hard-headed, restless creativity and his historic deployment of drone, noise, feedback has informed some of today’s most compelling experimental musicians. As one of contemporary music’s greatest and most willing collaborators, Cale has selected the London Contemporary Orchestra to re-imagine his back-catalogue and open the door to a musical future. Surely these are two of the most monumental nights Convergence has yet presented.”

For tickets and details go to barbican.org.uk.

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