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City night life report to make 11 recommendations for a successful night time economy

The largest international report into night life in cities will be launched at London’s Omeara on Monday, July 9th. A Guide to Managing Your Night Time Economy published by Sound Diplomacy champions 11 recommendations for all cities and places, large and small, to grow their night time economy through a ‘Night Time Economy & Culture Plan’.

The report is co-written in partnership with Harvard PhD candidate and renowned night time economy academic Andreina Seijas, A Guide to Managing Your Night Time Economy draws on research spanning five continents, 11 cities and more than a dozen case studies. It explores the role, value and importance of managing and supporting the evening and night time economy using interviews and case studies from night time advocates such as Amy Lamé (London’s Night Czar), Mirik Milan (Former Night Mayor, Amsterdam), Jocelyn Kane (Former Executive Director, San Francisco Entertainment Commission) and Juan Carlos Gonzále (Nocturnal Delegate Of Valparaiso, Chile).

Mirik Milan, Former Night Mayor, Amsterdam and Co-Founder, Vibe Lab said: “We’re on the forefront of a global movement in night time management. This guide will inspire many cities because it shows the limitless possibilities for improvement the night brings. Cities benefit from having a vibrant night time from social cultural and economic perspective. This Night Time Guide can be the first step for many cities to become thriving 24h cultural and economic hotspots. This guide can be the stepping stone for many cities to improve their night time management.”

Ariel Palitz, Senior Executive Director, Office of Nightlife, New York City added: “As New York City’s first Senior Executive Director for the Office of Nightlife at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, I have been given the awesome responsibility to not only create a new Office of Nightlife, but also to promote an economically and culturally vibrant nightlife industry, while serving the best interests of the city and residents of New York.

The Sound Diplomacy Guide to Managing Your Nighttime Economy truly is the invaluable toolbox it is intended to be. It helps clarify the many facets of nighttime economies around the globe, as well as illuminating strategies for managing nightlife that have been successfully implemented in some of the world’s greatest cities. It is an honour to be part of the community of such visionary nightlife directors, and to have the opportunity to learn from them through resources like this excellent guide.”

As well as the London launch event at Omeara on Monday, July 9th from 6pm to 8pm, Sound Diplomacy are also proud to present the inaugural Night Time Economy Convention, to be held on 15th November in Bogota, Colombia.

To download the report, and more details, go to sounddiplomacy.com.

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