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Carl Cox returns to EXIT in 2019

Carl Cox will return to the Dance Arena at EXIT Festival 2019. He will play a three-hour closing set on the opening night on Thursday, July 4th. EXIT will run until Sunday, July 7th.

The set will mark the ten-year anniversary of his closing set in 2009. Carl said: “One of the best experiences for sure is when I played at EXIT festival. You have to play you, your soul, you have to play who you are, and that’s what’s really special about EXIT!”

Festival founder Dušan Kovačević added: “Everyone in the EXIT Team are very excited to have Carl next year. Ever since he decided to reduce the number of his shows and perform only on special occasions, the question was whether he would ever return. The emotional invitation we sent out together with the fans has confirmed that Carl also wants to be back at EXIT to write down some of the best pages in the history books of our beloved Dance Arena.”

Meanwhile, EXIT has announced purchasing a festival ticket also gets buyers the tickets for two more beach festivals in the Adriatic: Sea Star Festival on the Croatian coast on Friday, May 24th and Saturday, May 25th plus Sea Dance Festival at the end of August in Montenegro.

Tickets must be claimed in February on the EXIT website and is valid for all who have already bought tickets for EXIT 2019.

For tickets and details go to exitfest.org.

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