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  • 2009-09-28

When Pascal Arbez-Nicolas, AKA Vitalic, released electro masterpiece OK Cowboy in 2005, he did so on the back of a wave of anticipation among those who had heard his first four tracks as Poney EP on DJ Hell’s International DeeJay Gigolo Records. “La Rock 01” was already a massive club hit dropped in sets of all genres and the album also featured both parts of “Poney”, two other sure-fire floor-fillers together with the driving “My Friend Dario” and more chilled out moments such as “The Past”. It’s taken four years to produce follow-up Flashmob via V Live, a pulsating live performance featuring tracks old and new recorded in 2007, but it was well worth the wait.

If you heard Vitalic’s Disco Terminateur EP earlier this year, you would know what to expect. Both tunes from that release, “Your Disco Song” and “Terminateur Benelux”, are featured here on a collection of electro/techno hybrids which will be causing damage to dancefloors when played by DJs and the man himself in his acclaimed live sets. He wastes no time getting into the groove with opener “See The Sea (Red)” and “Poison Lips” sees him use hauntingly beautiful female vocals combined with a hypnotic beat to captivate you mind. “Terminateur Benelux” is the “La Rock 01” of the album and he shows he’s been listening to recent trends with “Your Disco Song”, an ode to Crystal Castles’ 8-bit sounds.

A collection of electro/techno hybrids which will be causing damage to dancefloors.

He does show a couple of weaker moments, notably an ill-fated re-teaming with “The Bells” vocalist Linda Lamb on “One Above One” which lacks the Vitalic spark and again on “Second Lives”, a simplistic trance tune, but there is plenty of innovation giving evidence of Vitalic’s skills at knowing what will sound good on and off the dancefloor. “Chicken Lady” has some bizarre talk of a chicken lady over his grinding synths that works almost despite itself, and “Station Mir 2099” is a futuristic spaced-out closing track.

After touring with a more minimal set last year, there were concerns Vitalic might have gone all soft on us — not the case. Flashmob is full of energy and loaded with tunes packing an electro punch. Vitalic’s return was long overdue but he has taken the time to craft a near-perfect follow-up to OK Cowboy.

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