Agenda 2021 - An Eevonext Compilation

  • Various artists
  • Eevonext
  • 2012-12-17

Agenda 2021 showcases the talent of the EevoNext label with its diverse range of sounds spanning elegant, deep, techno, ambient and house. Built on the foundations of Eevo Lute Muzique the 13 tracks here include newcomers Monomood and Nadia Struiwigh, renowned artists with a Detroit style such as Terrace, The Moderator, Stephen Brown, Justin Berkovi, Colin McNeil and TJ Kong, as well as Art Bleek and Dan Grain who have a background in composing for TV and movies.

The themes linking these tunes are that of music with a soul. A deep house groove from Justin Berkovi kicks off the compilation with the cosmic “A Place to Be”. Art Bleek’s “Los Angeles adopts a playfully inviting tone while IBM’s “I Will” uses vocal clips for a settling effect. The Justin Berkovi remix of TJ Kong’s “Haunted by Water” has softly shimmering synths while Terrace uses an accordion-like sound over lively percussion to energise his tune.

The pace ups with Dan Grain’s “Stamp” moving the album into more dancefloor-friendly territory while retaining the same sense of space from the initial tracks. The Moderator threatens to bombard the senses but a heart-beating bass develops into a loveable, glistening tune. It is left to Colin McNeill’s “The Illusion” to produce the Detroit styings as Ian O’Donovan, Estroe, Monomood and Stephen Brown round out the collection with a series of lush soundscapes.

As an introduction to Eevonext, Agenda 2021 delivers on the soul and will entrance you. The varied forms this soul takes will mean you’re likely to favour some artists over others but, collectively, this is a perfect show-reel for the label.

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