We Do Scorpion Things

  • The Squire of Gothos
  • Rags & Bone Records
  • 2010-10-18

Bang Face favourite The Squire of Gothos are a duo who echo the club night’s ethos of providing neo-rave Armageddon. Mashing up hardcore, dubstep, jungle and techno their bassline rave is awash with humour, the pair never taking themselves too seriously, resulting in a debut album full of dancefloor mayhem with all four of their feet firmly on the gas.

Giving rave fans a chance to revel in all the noise that makes the scene tick.

Big Al and Tich found their name after watching an old episode of Star Trek entitled ‘The Squire Of Gothos’ which gives you some idea of their geeky credentials for amassing knowledge of the whole rave scene in order to regurgitate it in its purest form with only the best elements for a hybrid monster. Their love for the bouncy house bass is evident throughout We Do Scorpion Things and combines with their love for all the big genre sounds. On “Lypo” 8-bit chimes sound out over wobbly bass with some token and old skool thrown in over a slightly disturbing sample. The old skool is given a real chance to shine on “Big Yellow Smiley Faces” with its uplifting synths while on “Til Da Mornin’” has the classic piano and female vocal bashing on about listening to basslines all night.

The Squire of Gothos most impressive feat is their ability to mutate tunes cross genre. “After Hours Dog Racing” would be a formidable dubstep tune, however their blending of crack house with the off-beat sounds turns it into a beast of a tune. “Emptyin Full Clips” is their take on breakcore, drawing on Squarepusher for inspiration – a riotous affair. More generally The Squire partnership is about giving rave fans a chance to revel in all the noise that makes the scene tick without boundaries, and getting a bass face on with a wry smile of knowing where each element of their tunes have been extracted from. Perhaps We Do Scorpion Things could be classed a geek rave – in the most positive of geek chic fashion sense, of course.

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