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  • The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
  • Chess Club
  • 2010-03-01

Colin MacLeod has adopted a moniker, The Boy Who Trapped The Sun. Basing his new identity on Icarus, MacLeod has a similar aim — to get so close to the sun that he can eventually capture it. In the meantime though, he continues on his other quest towards musical stardom.

Having unleashed his debut E.P. Watermark in 2009 and winning himself a wave of fans both famous and non it looks like the latter is possibly more feasible. Continuing on a similar theme, the folkster unleashes Home in advance of a nearly finished album. With allusions to Nick Drake and Johnny Cash meeting Bob Dylan on a wintry night, Home is a melancholic affair. MacLeod’s occasionally harrowing vocal is set to a breezing accompaniment. Never overshadowing his flawless melodies, Home broods and soothes simultaneously.

As long as he keeps reaching higher then he may just get there.

“Oh, the city is not a home but it’s somewhere to get lost” chirps MacLeod on title track “Home”. The man from the Isle of Lewis may have escaped his home for the city, but in doing so is having to refind his identity. The results are captivating. Formed of five mood altering ballads, Home is a non challenging, relaxing listen. Occasionally clunky song closers spoil otherwise tender moments, most notably at the height of “Lying To Get On Your Good Side”.
At its peak (easily “In The Dark”) Home nearly achieves both of MacLeod’s aims. As long as he keeps reaching higher then he may just get there, but let’s just hope for our sakes he keeps going Home.

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