• The Analog Session
  • Hot Elephant
  • 2013-01-21

Dusting off the old vintage analogue synths proved to be a solid start to creating April as the Analog Session – aka Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky – highlights how old electronic music equipment can produce new tricks. From video project to album and then live performance, Analog Session use 1970s technology from when they first started making music to both pay homage to techno and create a fresh take on the genre with hints of electro, funk and disco.

Vintage synths make an unmistakably vintage sound, yet the vibrancy in the work of Robotnick and Pinsky ensures this isn’t just a trip down memory lane – April has a distinctively fresh aura. “Ascension” has the hallmarks of a straight-up techno dancefloor stormer and is unashamedly so, much like title track “April” which is so drenched in old skool acid lines you’ll be surprised it wasn’t part of the original acid house revolution in the 1990s.

“Amigos” funks up the retro vibe while “Little Grudge” is all gritty, stabbing techno. Sometimes the Analog Sessions fail to get past their ageing roots such as on the Kraftwerk-on-speed of “New Mandarins”, the trancy climax of “Distant Voices” and the ethereal “Effai”, however there’s plenty to admire. Robotnick and Pinsky want to take this show on the road – but can only play at venues that can reached from Florence owing to the equipment not being suitable for air travel. On the evidence here it would be worth getting along to a show wherever that may be as to see the music recreated live would be a real treat for electronic music lovers.

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