The Mix Collection

  • Tale of Us
  • Renaissance
  • 2013-03-25

Berlin-based duo Tale of Us present their entry into the Renaissance mix collection which kicked off with Sasha and John Digweed, then more recently had entries by M.A.N.D.Y. and Gui Boratto. While the pair are often heard at their regular parties in Milan as well as Berlin and in Ibiza, they recorded this mix in Mexico after a new year’s eve bash while looking out to sea. No surprise that it is an deep and emotive mix which reflects the traditional grooves of Renaissance releases which tend to touch the soul of electronic music.

The first disc is the more introspective of the two, kicking off with subtle tunes from Gran Cavaliere and minimalist Mathew Jonson along with the Tale of Us and Clockwork tune “Life and Death” with its embracing vocals. Roman Flügel’s “Cookies Dust” seductive deep beats and head-nodding chimes with a nod to the old skool helps keep the pace early on, helped by Scuba’s “Hardbody” and the Baths remix of Gold Panda’s “Marriage”. Delta Funktionen, Sei A, Wareika and a stripped back offering from Simian Mobile Disco – “Caerulean”. The disc ends on an uplifting note thanks to a Four Tet remix of FaltyDL’s “Straight & Arrow”, plus the funky “Departure” by Closer Musik and another offering from Tale of Us with soother “Obscure Promises”.

Another fine entry into the Renaissance collection.

Tale of Us move into prime time clubland with the second disc, signalling their intentions with a dancefloor siren from Daniel Avery and the Deadstock 33’s “Magnetic” into Roman Flügel’s offbeat “Softice” and the hypnotic Donato Dozzy remix of Tin Man’s “Nonneo”. They set the tone leading to further dreamy productions from Carl Craig and Argy, Baikal before the handclaps of Mind Against’s “Cagliostro” take control of the tempo with spacey synths. The now-intergalactic journey is haunted by DJ Koze’s mix of Herbert’s “It’s Only” which may send shivers down your spine and there’s a futurist end with Robert Hood’s “Hate Transmissions”, Daniel Avery’s “Water Jump” and Extrawelt’s “Phoebe”.

Although mixed at the very beginning of the year in a reflective mood, this Tale of Us mix is almost ageless and another fine entry into the Renaissance collection.

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