Value of Form

  • T-Toe
  • Bit-Phalanx
  • 2011-01-24

One of net label Bit-Phalanx’s first ever recruits finally releases his debut solo EP. T-Toe’s Value of Form sees the trombone-tooting electronica act merge classical sounds with the more modern dubstep style to create moments of tranquility interspersed with moments that have an eye on the dancefloor. A mixture of archive tracks and live favourites, T-Toe’s strength is in his view that he has no roots so prefers to mix all his influcences together.

A mixture of archive tracks and live favourites.

He kicks off with the melodic introduction of a brass overture on “Your Paws” followed by “Toothpicking”, which echoes Nathan Fake’s acclaimed Drowning in a Sea of Love debut as scratchy synths jut into an uplifting lullaby. On “Kick It” a vocal is proceeded by trombone sounds and the two merge with a fuzzy bass, though it losses its way by the dull close of a thumping drum. The trombone returns far more successfully on the melancholic “Because I Enjoy It”, an ode to enjoying a smoke with a style that would be welcomed in a jazz club. Sugarball (11 Balls) is a playgroud riff that evokes childhood memories of riding carousels. “One Door” and “Slices for Rembrandt” make for a dreamy conclusion to the EP, rounding off a more laid-back release on Bit-Phalanx.

You can download T-Toe’s Value of Form EP free direct from the Bit-Phalanx website at

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