• Saosin
  • Capitol Records
  • 2006-11-06

Most of the songs on this album sound the same. Most of these songs sound like Coheed, Taking Back Sunday, Lost Prophets, bands that generally sound the same. So we got a lot of same here. Generic is along the same lines as same and this best describes the structure of the tracks on store here. Begin with spidery riff, quite melodic, quite tight, muck around a little until reach chorus where double track call n response moan vocals kicks in, repeat procedure a couple of times where upon the last chorus begins to end bring the drums up higher in the mix, then leave to cool gently on some well oiled reverb.

It does not really offend, it just fails to generate anything other than antipathy.

Saison, meaning ‘little heart’ in Mandarin, are a rock band from California with the same emo/post hardcore/skater grunge pretensions as any of the aforementioned artists. They also carry a similar very stylised studio sound- they share the same producer as My Chemical Romance — and whilst technically proficient, pretty boring. This music is amazing faceless. It does not really offend, it just fails to generate anything other than antipathy. I thought maybe then listening to Saosin was like getting stoned and then I thought maybe I’m thinking too much. Saosin kindly offers a lyrics sheet inside the sleeve but that too offers little insight or narrative. At least the sentiments are there, the sense that maybe they are singing about being dumped by their girlfriends or of impending angst. Grief of some sort anyway. This stuff apparently appeals too. The first record since their debut ep back in 2003, the record entered the US Billboard charts at number 22. The period between the release of the first ep and this debut album has come about partly through the coming and going of band members. Saosin publicly auditioned for a lead singer exclaiming that they wanted someone “who didn’t do drugs, could sing live, and who was good looking and fun to get along with”. Ray from X-factor?

Saosin does everything required to smoothly appeal to people already won over by this genre and will no doubt heartily fill MTV2 day time viewing. Other than that there are some funny drum fills on track nine.

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