22 Seconds EP

  • Roebeck
  • Genepool
  • 2006-06-26

Cigarettes last longer than this mini EP. So this is how it goes. We all stood outside the fire exit to the music factory chuffing on tabs. Looking at the puddles that had collected from the morning’s rain, I could see little prisms of light. Everyone was pretty much the same this week. I wondered if this little scene shot through some grainy black and white camera might bring some chic to the toe. A bit of Beverly Knight and a little Barry White. This EP evokes lounge jazz and this was all just a passing thought.

An EP longer than 7 minutes would be nice.

You want more…? An EP longer than 7 minutes would be nice. Just for the fainthearted, first track starts off all crackly vinyl before a sampled sounding soul diva seeps in. Swirly synths then begin to mystify things, the mood is sorta intrumental drum n bass and just when you think it might drop it stops. Similar moodscape for title track “22 Seconds” a little blissed out Cinematic Orchestra or island RnB depending on how you look at. A diva’s at it again and the synths are a little lower in the mix. The tracks propelled along by Human League style bleeps and after one verse its all lights out again. Last track is titled “A Short Piece Whilst Waiting For Storm Relief” and they’ve nicked the rain sample from N-Trance’s “Set You Free” just to create a little atmosphere. Following the rain sample, last track stumbles out to some musique-concrete keyboard notes a la Yesterdays New Quintet but is so pissed that it cant make it past the 3 minute mark. Fuckers never paid at the bar either.

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