• Robert Hood
  • M-Plant
  • 2010-06-21

Robert Hood’s latest artist album is based on the 1971 classic science fiction film The Omega Man starring Charlton Heston and inspired by Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel I Am Legend (which was recently re-adapted into a blockbuster starring Will Smith). While the album is not a soundtrack to the movie, it does evoke the same sense of loneliness and danger that features throughout, and his minimal stylings make for a delectable encounter with a futuristic techno theme.

Omega opens with a speech named “Alpha” about the psychology of survival. “The Plague (Cleansing Maneuvers)” evokes a feeling of desolation as Hood revs up his techno engine. Synths slice through silence with the promise of beats on the horizon, then “Towns That Disappeared Completely” uses minimal stylings to lay a foundation for the Omega: one of sustained and increasingly intense tunes mirroring the rising levels of danger seen in the movie. “Alpha” toughens up Hood’s Omega with sustained synths and stabbing beats pushing forward into the kinetic “Think Fast”.

Conjuring up some futuristic vision of a sanitised earth.

“The Workers of Iniquity” digs deeper with synths echoing in the distance while a beat pulses like a heartbeat. “Are You God?” is a fittingly ponderous delve into the ‘messiah complex of Charlton Heston’s last man on earth battle to save humankind from the infected inhabitants of earth then “The Family Watches” injects a sense of urgency into Omega which flows through “War in the Streets” before Hood starts to apply the brakes in “Saved By the Fire” then gives a last burst of energy with “The Wheels of Escape” and the robotic “Omega (End times)” conjuring up some futuristic vision of a sanitised earth.

Throughout Omega Hood uses the machine-derived beats to give an alien feel for his album, much like the way Heston is almost an alien on his own planet where the majority of the human race have descended into zombie-like states. He’s done a fine job to infuse Omega with its theme so effectively and it’s testament to this master techno producer that it’s such a driving tour de minimal force.

Robert Hood tour Omega around the world from May:

14: Uruguay, S. America
15: Buenos Aires, Argentina, S. America
30: Movement Festival, Detroit USA

4: Sub Club, Glasgow, Scotland
5: Free Your Mind Festival, Holland
11: Tanzhaus West, Frankfurt, Germany
12: Berghain, Berlin, Germany
17: Omega album launch Sonar / Nitsa, Barcelona, Spain*
18: Trouw, Amsterdam, Holland*
19: M-Plant label night @ Fabric, London, England*
25: Geisha, Perth, Australia
26: The Civic Undergrond, Sydney, Australia

2: The Likes Of You @ Brown Alley, Melbourne, Australia
3: Bar Soma, Brisbane, Australia
10: Source Festival, Utrecht, Holland
24: Tomorrowland Festival, Belgium

6: Sub Scape @ Cafe Capital, Antwerp, Belgium
7: Aquasella Festival, Spain
27: Taipei, Taiwan
28: Tokyo, Japan

3: Beijing, China
4: Void @ the Shelter, Shanghai, China

*album launch parties

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