Pacific Drift

  • Robedoor
  • Not Not Fun
  • 2010-09-22

Robedoor offer three classic slices of reverb-swathed dirge on this 7” from Not Not Fun, swinging the stylistic mood slightly from track to track, but forever dulled, downer and captivating.

The opening stabbing shanks of bass on the a-side title track comes on like The Walker Brothers’ “The Electrician”, offering all of the same intensity, but instead of the morose croon, the track continues to stir with keys and guitar coming on almost orchestral over the drone, and echoing vocals appearing as another texture in the muddied, spacey sound, altogether like some garage psych band who’ve continued the adventure despite the downward nature of the trip – Bobby Beausoleil’s Free Doom Orchestra perhaps.

The b-side lifts with a markedly more percussive drive on “Exploited” which follows a similar psych path but hides distinctively 60s pop and classic rock tropes within the murky washes of its lo-fi production. After the lengthier exploratory opener and the bigger, upbeat middle piece the triptych is completed with what could well approximate a ballad in the Robedoor world, in ‘Blanked Out’. The rhythm section offers an open wasteland upon which a raw emotion is laid down by the fuzzy-edged vocals coupled with crying guitar line – an effective close.

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