Slow As An Eyeball

  • Quack Quack
  • Cuckundoo
  • 2010-05-20

Leeds based instrument swapping trio Quack Quack formed in 2005 and have since built up an enviable live reputation. Pair their fierce live rep with an enviably talented drummer — Neil Turpin (formerly Bilge Pump, Polaris and HiM) and oddly titled album Slow As An Eyeball is an exciting proposition.

The problem with exciting propositions is that they often disappoint. After an initial flick through, Slow As An Eyeball felt flat and unadventurous. With a lack of journey undertaken, Quack Quack seemed got lost in translation from the live arena to the recorded. However, the mistake was not theirs but rather my own. Slow As An Eyeball is not a record to just quickly listen to in the background, but one that warrants more care and attention. It is in the intricacies that Quack Quack hold the key. The key to an enjoyable musical journey with Quack Quack at the helm is to put the stereo on full blast, only then does the magic come to life.

The intricacies that Quack Quack hold the key.

While “D Motherfucker D” exemplifies the dizzying heights and trancelike lulls that Quack Quack produce so effortlessly. Yet surprisingly, it is the transient low of “Cakes Are Easy” that proves the hidden gem. To coin a cliche, the calm in the storm brews slowly in preparation for further onslaught.

Slow As An Eyeball culminates with the blistering “Jack Of None”. While Quack Quack have focussed the majority of their record on intricacies, “Jack Of None” offers a chance to just get that head shaking and hips swaying. A perfect close to any set, Quack Quack offer insight as to what a live show might offer. Slow As An Eyeball is not as disappointing as upon a first listen, however the magic of their live show is not captured in their recorded set. Only as the record draws to a close is their any insight into what a live set might offer. Quack Quack are without doubt a talented troupe but this album could have offered a bit more bite.

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