• Mind Control
  • Nervous Records
  • 2010-01-18

This collection of tech house and electro is picked by Mind Control, AKA New York based producers and DJs Peter Bailey and Richie Santana. Over two CDs, Addicted provides a mix of obscure tunes, unreleased originals and dance chart toppers though none can elevate this above a plodding offering of beats.

There’s never a satisfying drop worthy of sustained attention.

First CD ‘Hooked’ is aimed squarely at the hypnotic nature of dark house music featuring Alex Celler, Julien Chaptal and Frank Maurel. There’s plenty of groove building with snappy clicks and rousing synths over a pulsating beat but there’s never a satisfying drop worthy of sustained attention. It’s a lot like waiting at your front door, hearing the postman walking up your garden path in the hope he’s going to deliver that parcel you’ve been waiting so long for, then a promotional letter dropping through your letterbox. Sure, it’s nice and all, but you’re hoping for so much more and eagerly anticipate the next day’s delivery.

Moving onto the second CD, ‘Fixated’, Bailey and Santana look to brighten up with tech house starting with the tribal trio of Supernova’s Esta Loca”, Cytric’s “Boost” and D-Unity’s “Shaman”. This mix is far more intricately developed with D-Unity’s throbbing “Afrika” injecting a throbbing beat aimed firmly at the ravers following some pacey offerings from Ahmet Sendil, Joey Seminara and Simon Gain. Christian Smith and John Selway’s “Work It!” is dropped in nicely, though the DJs at the controls round off with a couple of non-starters in the form of A.D.M’s “Granada” and their own production of “Hives” to leave you feeling they have only mildly had control of your mind.

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