• Michael Fakesch
  • Musik Aus Strom
  • 2010-04-10

This collection of 17 remixes by electronic producer Michael Fakesch features a selection of dancefloor shakers, moody electronica and re-interpretations that were once lost. Fakesch, famed for his sound designs for commercials and music for short movies, originally came to prominence as one half of the now defunct Funkstorung who from 1994 to 2006 made weird beats, digital electro-madness and beautiful melodies. Remixes for Bjork and Wu-Tang Clan found them fame, and now Fakesch presents his solo remix work which is every bit as impressive covering acts such as Mr. Oizo, Booka Shade, Herbert, Jimmy Edgar, Towa Tei and Hexstatic.

Fakesch approach to remixing is not to try to change a track to suit his style — rather he takes the original and manipulates it so you may not know it’s Fakesch who was on remix duty, save for the near unfaltering level of quality that careful tweaking produces. For Mr Oizo, the French electro act who revels in quick cuts and changes in his own tunes, Fakesch mixes and matches between Oizo’s “Lamb’s Anger” and “Jo” for a funky, hyperactive rave-up. For the live tech house favourites Booka Shade he takes their anthemic “Mandarine Girl” and adds his own complex beat structure to its famed soothing synths which enhance rather than drastically change their dancefloor favourite.

He can put a techno, disco, minimal and even rock spin on a track — often in the most profound of places.

Fakesch unleashes a jovial side of Scaffolding’s “D-Tron” with a grinning glitch-acid temperament, turns Bomb the Bass into Radiohead sound-a-likes with his rework of their “So Special” featuring Paul Conboy, though that’s no bad thing with this perfect blend of electronic, acoustic and vocals which is comparable of anything by Thom Yorke and co. The nod to them is obvious, the influence invaluable. Fakesch again turns to his subtle side for Raz Ohara’s “The Burning Desire” while retaining a danceable edge and for Toaw Tei featuring Taprikk Sweezee’s “Taste of You” he goes for a full-on groove-a-thon.

Fakesch’s expert remix skills are sure to be in demand on the evidence heard here. He can put a techno, disco, minimal and even rock spin on a track — often in the most profound of places. Hexstatic probably never expected to hear their “Freak Me” re-arranged in the way it is hear. Among the 17 remixes the only rough cut comes for US rappers Shadowhuntaz who fare less well combined with Fakesch as his booming bass and rhythmic waves clash with their vocals and pound the ears. The latter half of the album gives a more mild-paced and ambient selection from Fakesch’s vault with The Broadway Project’s “Paint it Blue” taking a turn to jazz-hiphop before ending on the chilled easiness of Franz Kirman’s “Little Baby Eyes”.

Michael Fakesch’s remix work has not been readily available before but it’s with some relief that it is now — it would be criminal for many of these interpretations to have left to gather dust or dancefloors to have not reverberated to his inventive additions to clubbers’ favourites. On the back of this body of work, get set to see Fakesch next remix slobbered over at it’s first announcement.

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