Crazy Price

  • Messer Chups
  • Ipecac
  • 2005-11-18

Once again we find ourselves listening to another strange release from home of the weird, extreme and experimental, Ipecac Records and Crazy Price, the debut from the Russian Messer Chups, is definitely positioned towards the weird. The band play fun, sci-fi/horror b-movie soundtrack surf music, with a passion for moogs, theremins and other synths alongside the reverb-drenched guitar riffs. It’s certainly an eclectic and entertaining record.

The feel and themes of both the music and also the promo videos included on this ‘enhanced’ CD is that of a Crampsy type sex, voodoo, horror camp and the album does have a great weirdo party mood. Songs like opener “Fantomasofobia” and “Satan Jeans” are testament to this. The schlocky film samples which permeate the record lend to this atmosphere, and the song titles are just great, check out “Anton La Vey 66.6FM” and “Sex Euro and Evils Pop”!

Crazy Price is definitely positioned towards the weird.

“Bing Bang Bang Bong Kong” is an awesome track with its Tom Waitsy leftfield jazz-blues growlings moving into fairground rotary organs and other madness. Another standout is “Gangster They Called Horizon-Man”, where weird synth effects work brilliantly and pull you right into the rhythm. The almost Popcorn-style riff of “Sex Euro and Evils Pop” is a classic example of the great songwriting and catchyness that Crazy Price offers – there are some real good songs here when it comes together, however, the album sometimes seems to carry on without ever completely engaging or grabbing. Tracks like “In 3 Minutes Till Masacre” and “Monkey Safari” are good but seem to amble through the same thing as other songs but without the same punch.

This album is a freak, and if it catches you, it can really suck you in. Messer Chups must be fascinating people if not at least just a little all over the place. Crazy Price is worth investigating, but you might find it sometimes just too much yet not enough.

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