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  • 2009-12-02

And God created Marie-France to be a muse for French artists. Indeed, Marie-France has inspired the Pantheon of the French scene, like the singer Serge Gainsbourg, director Andre Techine, photographers Jean-Baptiste Mondino or Pierre et Gilles, and even the French Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand. About her, famous writer and director Marguerite Duras said: “It is not possible not to be troubled by her. Everyone. Women and men alike.”

Queen of the Alcalzar, a Parisian cabaret during the 1970’s, Marie-France’s performance as a Marilyn Monroe’s copycat was internationally acclaimed and made her a celebrity. From Montparnasse to Pigalle, as well as Saint-Germain-des-Pres, she used to be one of the party’s established most egerias of the Gai Paris and knew all its ups and downs.

Marie-France’s performance as a Marilyn Monroe’s copycat was internationally acclaimed and made her a celebrity.

As an underground artist, she has performed with the greatest ones. In 1976, she recorded her first single, “Daisy”, composed by Belgian Jacques Duvall. In 1993, she released “A quoi ca sert l’amour”, a revival of Edith Piaf, in a duet with pop singer Marc Almond, who rendered two songs to her. She also appeared on cult art films as Andre Cayatte’s one Les Chemins de Katmandou (1969) or Fernando Arrabal’s J’irai comme un cheval fou (1973) and Andre Techine’s Barocco (1976) who composed for her On se voit se voir, Cesars’ Academy Award Winning Music.

As Sam Levin’s photos contributed considerably to Bardot’s image of sensuality, Pierre et Gilles’ones made her an international icon from Tokyo to Buenos Aires. The world famous and talented French photographers have also created an illustration for Marie-France’s last record CD cover like a sexy Brigitte Bardot (you can admire it at the astonishing first-ever official exhibition showing at Bardot’s influence at Boulogne, for Bardot’s 75th birthday.).

Marie-France has a great admiration for Bardot since she discovered her iconic movie posters, when she was 11, at Oran’s movies theatres. To her, “BB is this Parisienne who has symbolized Freedom in France and abroad during the Sixties”. The best French composers and musicians threw themselves at Bardot’s feet : Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Max Riviere, Gerard Bourgeois, Claude Bolling, Alain Goraguer.

For Marie-France visite Bardot, a tribute album to the iconic Brigitte Bardot, Marie-France chooses to record sixteen gems from BB’s treasures, in privileging less-known singles (like “Noir et Blanc”, “Faite pour dormir”, “Les Omnibus” or “C’est rigolo”) or unknown ones (“Les Hommes endormis”). With her three loyal musicians, she performed at first a Bardot’s show in Paris in June 2009, and then Laurent Balandras and Pierre Chiari offered her to produce this record she calls “Mon BB” (a joke on Brigitte Bardot’s initials — BB (baby in French) — and the fact that this album is a sort of hers). Marie-France says about her record : “I am so happy that Brigitte was celebrated, flattered outrageously, in regards to her beauty, her matchless grace. I’ve always loved her, the artist, the woman, and more over the animal rights activist.”

Marie-France’s “Mon BB” is out on 2nd December on JPB Production, but now available as e-music.

Marie-France will be on the stage of the theatre “Les Trois Baudets” in Paris (Pigalle) from 26th to 30th of December and tour in 2010 in France: visit her official site for more details.

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