• Lee J Malcolm Presents Terrestrial
  • EPM Music
  • 2012-11-05

Lee J Malcolm is a member of post rock band Vessels, but on the side he also produces his own electronic music. Last summer he released debut Folded Spaces, an album geared towards the dancefloor that was a blend of styles. Now he’s turned his attentions to a more abstract electronic sound as Terrestrial, aiming to give listeners something to nod their heads as they are taken to another planet.

It’s an intimate journey which will charm your ears.

The sweetness of opener “In the Pan” with its encroaching, uplifting hook layered over real-world found sounds such as the opening of a can sets the tone for a warm and inviting listen. Malcolm has laid down his beats, and non-beats, like a master craftsman. Tracks such as “To London To Meet The Band” and are like electronic dreams with dulcet bleeps and comforting plonks. He drifts into 4/4 territory mid-album for “Miri Pow” and “Yellow Bears in My Garden” which could slip easily into a deep house set, but for much of Terrestrial Malcolm is constructing intricate webs of electronica.

“Freemantle” and We Just Might” end Terrestrial on a euphoric high after much soul-searching lost in “For Dam” and “Trappings” which give indications of a Malcolm in thought – clear signs this is an album not to be listened to lightly. It’s an intimate journey, though he does bear his teeth on the frenetic “Trashcan Riotface Queen” as an aggressive outburst, which will charm your ears.

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