• Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla
  • Bit-Phalanx
  • 2010-10-04

When an artist brands his own music as “spazzcore fuckstep”, you have to approach their music with a little trepidation. Bristol-based breakcore mentalist, the ludicriously named Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Godzilla (aka KvKvG), is unafraid to present raw sounds as he skips through breakcore, electronica and gabber with abandon on a dark musical journey. Rarely is there a dull moment on Pomeranian in what is a madcap debut.

The American President is depicted as throwing a tantrum of manic, stabbing bass.

Taking a leaf out of Venetian Snares’ expert book on writing breakcore, KvKvG indulges in all manner of chaotic beat structures and lavishes his tunes with samples. The comparison is most evident on the outlandishly-titled “Barak Obama Goes Loco in a Restaurant” in which the American President is depicted as throwing a tantrum of manic, stabbing bass. It’s the most loony tune on here as often KvKvG opts for a more relaxed vibe, as “Huffing on the Double Nitrous” lives up to its title by offering a fuzzy noise akin to the effect of the activity it aludes to. It’s safe to say this is a man who likes to take things to extremes.

Rewind back to “Hello Dude” and KvKvG introduces himself with a dash of classical warbling with industrical backing then kicks into gear on the dark “Shit-Hawkes”. “Splendid Boxes” has an early Clark about it as scattered drumming falls on an atmospheric bellowing while “Where’s the Money Shithead?” is cutting dubstep with a sly sample. “Bones” is the only low point here, coming at the end of an invetive EP it’s all bangs and crashes with none of the care or attention that has come before. Shame. Still, KvKvG’s indicataes he has got a lot of ideas for pushing the boundaries of his musical output and will no doubt light up any stage he dares to grace with his spazzcore fuckstep.

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