Man From Earth

  • Jori Hulkkonen
  • Turbo Recordings
  • 2009-11-02

Finland’s super DJ and remixer Jori Hulkkonen rarely fails to impress. Now onto his 10th studio album Man From Earth, it is hard to believe that the electro King has not run low on batteries yet. In the past 14 years, Hulkkonen has established himself as an original, boundary breaking artist — a reputation that is hard to keep up with. By titling his album pessimistically Man From Earth, Hulkkonen appears to be setting himself up for a fall. Could electro’s Superman really be losing his powers?

Those hardcore Hulkonnen fans amongst you can rest easy, however for everyone else Man From Earth might be a disappointment. Hulkkonen doesn’t move far from the territory of his 9th studio album Errare Machinale Est, with the only distinction that his 10th might be slightly dancier and contain more beeps.

A testament to a DJ with true staying power.

Opening with the impressive vocal talents of Jerry Valuri, “I Am Dead” makes an immediate impression. Far from setting the precedent for the rest of the album, it appears to be an exception to the rule. While “Dangerous” and “Undercover” (ft. The Dove) excite upon listening they are too easily forgotten. Whereas the languid and forgettable “Re: Last Year” (ft. Villa Nah) provides the album’s only standout disappointment. “I Dance To Your Bass, My Friend” will be big on the dancefloors. However, it appears Jerry Valuri is his saving grace when he returns for the album closer “Man From Earth”, his calming vocal elevating Hulkonnen’s blips back into space.

Man From Earth is a testament to a DJ with true staying power. Though not his strongest collection, Hulkkonen still has enough strong material that the weaker cuts are forgiven. Hulkkonen may have not taken ‘a giant leap for DJ-kind’, but he can hold his head high as a super producer.

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