The Damage is Done

  • Hot Coins
  • Sonar Kollektiv
  • 2013-01-28

The man behind Hot Coins, Danny Berman, is a Scottish-born electronic musician living in Berlin – and has all the hallmarks of an artist who is at ease emerging himself in different cultures. Hip hop, soul, house and techno is the eclectic mix of influences he blends together on a project that has taken four years to complete, and has the nomadic feel of a wandering music lover.

He kicks off The Damage is Done all moody funk with sultry vocals from City Hayes that is a throwback to the 1980s synth titans, then he opts for a curious blend of 1970s guitars, off-beats and a casual singing style reminisent of The Streets. He hits the dancefloor with the 4/4 bassline of “New Beat” with a disco-tinge, then has a moody meltdown on “Leathered” which bleeds into the near whine of “Freestyle Lover”.

By now the shifting sands of the Hot Coins musical foundation is apparent enough to be more palatable with more funk as Berman dips in and out of delivering lines on “Confined”, disappears completely from the sexy midnight instrumental “Foxxy” as the album morphs into a movie soundtrack from its lyrical beginnings. But that’s no surprise, Berman seems keen for Hot Coins to embody a range of his interests which, while not the easiest to listen in a sitting, does have its moments and everyone is sure to find a few favourites.

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