Space Pt.1

  • HK119 vs. Bit-Phalanx
  • Bit-Phalanx
  • 2010-04-26

The Bit-Phalanx acts release one last collection of remixes for Finnish electro pop minx HK119 resulting from their remix album Fast And Cheap Mixes. This digital bonus EP of the haunting track, “Space Pt.1” is handed to Jilk, Jash, T-Toe and more to put glitch, abstract, IDM, folktronic and dark dubstep twists on the original.

HK119’s ethereal vocals are given a galactic gloss by Timothy A.D who builds with sporadic beats erupting at its close while Martin Phone opts for a rousing rendition with crashes and glitches underpinning his remix. Jilk goes about it another way, starting with all manner of 8-bit noises which gradually meld together for a smooth ride into Jash’s “Summer Dream” remix, one of the mellowest moments on the EP.

Glitch, abstract, IDM, folktronic and dark dubstep twists.

The final three Bit-Phalanx acts go for the jugular as T-Toe effortlessly switches from bass to breakcore with a delightful trumpet playing over the scatty beats then Niggle drops a drum and bass stomper before Microphyst’s wobbly gabba-kick provides a filthy finale. Thought the fact this is a remix EP means you’re unlikely to want to listen to it start to finish often, it’s well worth downloading to dip into while the electronica DJs will find a remix to suit their style and give a different spin on a top tune.

_Download “Space Pt.1” for free from the Bit-Phalanx website here

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