Let the Love Flow

  • Fuckpony
  • BPitch Control
  • 2009-10-19

Composer and producer Jay Haze brings Fuckpony back to BPitch Control with a second album of slick house with leanings to pop. Haze has crafted these tunes without the oft-used samples of dance music so the horns, drums and piano all flow into each other thanks to his playing skills rather that of a computer. It is this personal connection with the music which helps Let the Love Flow win over your heart.

An enjoyable house romp.

To call Jay Haze a piano lover would be an understatement. The piano gets a lot of attention on Let the Love Flow, none more so than the mid-album “Orgasm On the Dancefloor Saturday Night” with an uplifting piano hook running through it over a pumping bassline and abrasive yet tingly synths. It’s not the only time he sends a clear message out to discos around the land. On “Pills Medley” the piano is more defined for a head-in-the-clouds boogie while “Always Sunday” is a blissfully slow-burning pumper.

Haze also slows things down for this Fuckpony release with the tender “Fall into Me” and opener “R U Feeling Abroad”, though Let the Love Flow never escapes from being a dance album for dance lovers. Full of melody, his Fuckpony persona sidesteps cheesy by erring on the more innovative side of house and retaining a nonconformist principle with an enjoyable romp.

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