You Can Make Sound

  • Delorentos
  • Delo
  • 2010-03-15

Irish wonder kids Delorentos have had an eventful few years. Since forming in 2005, they have released two successful independent EPS, signed a record deal, released an award winning debut (In Love With Detail, lost a lead singer, split up and reformed. Claiming their brief split to be a result of losing their independent voice by signing a record deal, it appears the quartet are back on fine form for their second album You Can Make Sound, which has already been nominated for numerous awards in their home country.

In all honesty, it is hard to see what all the fuss is about. Fair enough You Can Make Sound is an enjoyable listen, but Delorentos will hardly set the world alight with their radio friendly rock fare. Lead singer Ronan Yourell offers a solid frontman, his sometimes monotone vocals aren’t without appeal but lack colour and determination. Musically the tone is safe and commercial.

You Can Make Sound is not as stunning as it should be.

Delorentos simply offer a youthful take on Snow Patrol’s Eyes Open period. Not as bland as The Script, there are a few moments when Delorentos dole out magic charms. “Leave Me Alone”, a dazzling take on the indie pop ballad is beautifully delivered. Allowing his emotions to flow, Yourell comes into his own to deliver a belter of a tune. Mixing Franz Ferdinand and The Editors on the scintillating “Soulmates” demonstrates that leaving the music to do the talking can work wonders. Yourell never tries to upstage his fellow musicians, setting him aside from several selfish stagemen.

Closing with the stirring yet simple “I Remember” leaves proceedings on a high note. Easily the most emotionally effecting of You Can Make Sound’s 11 tracks, Delorentos show what all the hype is about. You Can Make Sound is not as stunning as it should be. With all the awards flowing in their direction, there is a hope that Delorentos offer something fresh and exciting. However, their sound is safe and predictable and only occasionally do they really show any true genius.

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