• David Walters
  • Ya Basta!
  • 2009-10-13

David Walters first came to public attention with his 2006 debut Awa, which in West Indian Creole means both ‘No’ and ‘Hello’. Having received much critical acclaim for his debut, Walters decided not to rush a follow-up. However, far from struggling with material for his second album Home, Walters decided to reflect upon his new lifestyle. Success has meant hitting the road and Home now has many connotations — his Home being the stage, the hotels and his family next in the West Indies.

Success has also brought new contacts. From guest vocalist Asa on the teasingly inviting title track “Home” to backing vocalist and co-writers Claudia Phillips and Gerald Toto. When Phillips, Toto and Walters meet on songwriting duties, Walters really soars. The relaxed “Horizon” is pure bliss on a summer’s day.

An unforgettable collection.

Walters may not have made Paris his new home quite yet, but with a growing French fanbase, he pays the city a musical tribute. “Safari a Paris” is an uptempo hip shaker. Walters versatile vocal explores a range of styles, totally owning any that he wishes to attempt. However, it is the nonchalance of opener “Same Song” that truly captures the Walters magic. A relaxed yet instantly unforgettable breeze, “Same Song” is a true gem. In stark contrast, “Fire”, the most upbeat and experimental of Walters’ compositions also stands out from the crowd. Instantly alive, “Fire” explodes in a credible chart worthy way.

Awa may have been Walters introductory greeting, but Home is instantly welcoming. Unafraid of mixing decorations, Home is an unforgettable collection that you will play when you invite friends into your own home.

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