The Sinister Sound System

  • Dare & Haste
  • Advanced
  • 2009-12-14

Super-tough UK techno is given a breath of fresh, pulsating air thanks to newcomer Dare & Haste, aka Martin J. Radcliffe. The Birmingham producer has taken in the sounds of the city’s esteemed techno history, home to legendary underground nights Atomic Jam and House of God, and taken four years to polish off these hard as nails tunes that will rip dancefloors apart.

This is techno in its most crisp and purest form.

Kicking off with short, bleepy introductory track “Sinister Transmission”, Dare & Haste tear into the 4/4 at full pelt via the rumbling “Sinister Hardware”, taking the groove into a highly charged realm with “Crisis Point”. At a time when techno has become more popular than ever due to the more minimal sounds of the M-NUS collective and European DJs such as Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos, Radcliffe is standing up for the hard-as-nails underground British techno Chris Liberator became reknowned for and the beefy techno tunes Dave Clarke swears by. “Technocracy” is a stomping tune of unbridled force, “Audiobiography” is twisted synths in overdrive and “Shit Out” will get sure-fire plays at the heart of any set.

Dare & Haste keep the pace up right trough to the psy-tranced up “Aeon Synthesis” with closer “The Truth” blearing out with a final bout of audio mayhem. Slickly produced and fine-tuned to perfection, The Sinister Sound System is made all the more impressive by being made by a man completely self-taught in music which is probably why he succeeds in breaking away from genre boundaries. This is techno in its most crisp and purest form — a must for serious tech-heads.

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