The Loss EP

  • Club Smith
  • All Sorted Records
  • 2010-03-08

As a reviewer I get to hear so many albums and EPs that unless they stand out from the crowd, they quickly get categorised and forgotten. I am half ashamed to say that upon hearing Club Smith’s debut EP The Loss, I placed them as cheap Kaiser Chief wannabes and forgot all about them. It wasn’t until I put the CD back into my stereo to listen to it once again today that I realised there is more to Club Smith than I had first thought. Fair enough, The Loss can hardly be called an EP of original thought, however the Leeds quartet do enough in the EP’s four tracks to prove their long-term potential.

A radio-friendly collection, but only one track will make my iPod.

Opener “Lament” is a slow burning slice of pure indie pop, the type all the cool kids will want to dance to this week but forget a week later. Equally forgettable “Courtyard” can be written off. “Connected” proves their redemption. Switching between typical indie and art school whirls, Club Smith break the boring mould. Combining Franz Ferdinand with the Kaiser Chiefs may not be a new recipe, but it is one that the Club Smith boys get right. With “Connected” proving a turning point, they close with equally delicious “No Friend Of Mine”. Editors meets Franz Ferdinand, with too much Alex Kapranos in the mixing bowl, “No Friend Of Mine” deserves to dominate the indie disco.

On The Loss it feels like Club Smith are torn between towing the much trodeen radio friendly indie pop road or branching out with something a bit more distinct. The Loss lacks bite till the midway point, making negative first impressions. But once the boys get into gear, they show the sky is the limit. The Loss may be a radio-friendly collection, but only one track will make my iPod.

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