Asseteria! Live from Uranus

  • Chriss Vargas
  • Nervous Records
  • 2010-03-15

If you wondered exactly what significance the name “Asseteria!” has for this mix, well you probably haven’t been to the New York Sunday club night featuring seven-foot tall trannies and fashion models hiding from the paparazzi listening to DJs including curator Chriss Vargas, Phat Mike, Joey Slips, Kriss Mass and Rob Phab. Columbian prodigy Vargas steps forth for this mix to lay down tunes oozing sleaze appeal, sounding like a cross between an afterparty, a strip club and dodgy porn flick. In a word: filth of the highest variety to an underground beat of minimalist house and techno.

Vargas steps forth for this mix to lay down tunes oozing sleaze appeal.

From the soft whispering opening of “Fake” with a high pitch hook over a bopping bass, Vargas slips into a pair of his own tunes, “Filthy Beats” and “Audio Damage”. All deep grooves and pulsating big beats, this is moody dancefloor action to get your pout on — especially Lula vs Phunk Investigation’s “So Fast and So Deep”. There’s a jovial naughtiness about Asseteria that makes for an seductive audio experience — offerings from DJ Dextro are intricate tunes of teasing synths while the final pairing of Keith John’s “Blackout” and Mark Mendes & Mike Jacinto’s “Relic” pump up the power for the final hurrah. This is big pimping dance music that goes all the way.

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